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Name of Article:
Access to Clean Air Unequal, Study Says 
Title of Book/Journal:
Contra Costa Times 
English Translation:
Publication Date:
February 21, 2007     
Corporate Author:
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According to the article, a new study released on February 20, 2007, entitled “Still Toxic After All These Years: Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area,” asserted that people of color “bear an unfair burden of exposure to air pollution in the Bay Area because they make up nearly two-thirds of the population living within a mile of refineries, chemical plants, and other sources of toxic air contaminants.” The report represents an initial comprehensive attempt to demonstrate unequal access to clean air in the Bay Area. In preparing the report, researchers “combed through census records and federal records on industrial pollution emissions to search for racial and economic trends in neighborhoods exposed to pollution that can increase risks of asthma, cancer, and heart problems. They found that Latinos, African-Americans, and Asians or Pacific Islanders make up 62 percent of those living within a mile of plants or industries that reported toxic air emissions to the federal government. Whites made up 33 percent of residents in those neighborhoods. The racial breakdown changed dramatically in neighborhoods further from the plants. Minorities made up 33 percent of the population living 2.5 miles or more from the plants, and whites made up 63 percent, the study found.” Article taken from “Environmental Justice in the News” for the Week Ending March 2, 2007.

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