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Name of Article:
Applying the Political Geography of Scale: Grassroots Strategies and Environmental Justice 
Title of Book/Journal:
Professional Geographer 
English Translation:
Publication Date:
February 2000     
Towers, G.
Issue: 1
Pages: 23 - 36  
Corporate Author:
EPA Number:
Other Number:
The article states that the grassroots environmental movement often protests locally unwanted land uses and that many grassroots groups have now expanded their agenda to the scale of environmental justice. Explanations for this scale transformation include historical circumstances, individuals' radicalization through activism, and the growth of environmental justice networks. The article presents a case study of grassroots environmentalists' opposition to a proposed electricity transmission line in Monroe County, West Virginia and explores the possibility that appeals for environmental justice are also a strategic response to siting regulatory procedures. With concepts emerging from the political geography of scale, the author interprets the Monroe Countians' efforts and shows how their strategies link the grassroots scale with that of environmental justice.

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