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Welcome to the Environmental Justice Bibliography (EJBib), where you can search for and obtain information about a particular document or a collection of documents related to environmental justice.

About EJBib provides a brief introduction to the database program.
Data Sources describes the various sources for the data.
How to Get Copies offers tips for getting copies of specific documents.

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EJBib is an exciting project that unites the growing interest in environmental justice with the advantages of computer technology. EJBib is a fully indexed bibliography of published materials relating to environmental justice, as well as related topics such as risk assessment and social justice. Intended as a research tool, the database is a project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Justice. One aim of the bibliography is to identify significant references to environmental justice in a wide range of literature.

The Web site represents an ongoing effort that already contains more than 3979 records documenting the environmental justice dialogue. Currently, materials included in EJBib come from various Internet databases of legal, medical, engineering, urban planning, and scientific periodical articles and books. It also contains materials in non-print formats, such as documentary videos, interactive programs on CD-ROM, and other electronic media.

EJBib represents a compilation of references to publications (newspaper and journal articles, books, and videos) that are cited on the Internet. A series of online databases that could contain references to new publications and articles related to environmental justice were queried to identify sources on environmental justice. Every attempt has been made to list every publicly available article, book, dissertation, and video related to environmental justice. Within this parameter, a variety of key words are used to search the online databases described below. Although each database has adopted unique key word structures, the basic search strings used to search the databases reflect the following criteria:

environmental justice OR
environmental racism OR
land use planning w/5 environment* OR
social justice w/5 environment* OR
plant siting w/5 environment* OR
citizen suit* and environment* OR
community actions w/5 environment* OR
environmental w/5 equity OR
Extended Producer Responsibility w/5 environment* OR
cumulative risk w/5 environment* OR
climate change w/5 environment* OR
social movement organizations w/5 environment* OR
race to the bottom w/5 environment* OR
interstate transportation w/5 environment*

The exclusion of publications required individual judgment. Items were rejected where there was no readily apparent relevance to the environmental justice dialogue or that were deemed of only peripheral interest or that duplicated other entries. This bibliography does not ordinarily include encyclopedia entries or book reviews, although it may cite review essays.

If you want to get copies of a full document text, we recommend that you check with your local public or university library. If your local library does not own the publication, you can ask your library to request a copy through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Most libraries participate in ILL agreements and will allow you to order a limited number of copies at no charge. There are several fee-based document providers of journal articles, government documents, and trade books, such as Infotrieve, National Technical Information Service Web Site (NTIS), or your local or Internet bookstore. You also can go directly to the publisher; addresses can be found on the Internet using one of the standard Internet search engines.


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