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EPA's Electronic Multi-Sector General Permit Notice of Intent (eNOI) Home Page

Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) Icon

Click on the logo above to enter EPA's electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) system.

Table of Contents for EPA's Multi-Sector General Permit eNOI Home Page

eNOI Overview

EPA has updated and improved the Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) for industrial facilities that need to apply for coverage under EPA's Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP). The eNOI system is a free online service. Use this system only if your construction site or industrial facility is located in a state in which EPA is the permitting authority. Please click the eNOI logo to start to file an electronic Notice of Intent.

As of October 31, 2009, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is now the stormwater permitting authority in Alaska Exit EPA Site. Please go to their website to find out how to submit your Notice of Intent.

Gaining Access to the eNOI System and Training

Industrial facilities can apply for coverage under EPA's MSGP via the eNOI system. First time users must register to gain access to use the eNOI system. See Registering for eNOI (PDF) (2 pp, 211K) to learn how to begin this process. Federal regulations require the certification of Notice of Intent forms by a responsible corporate officer or a principle executive or ranking elected official (for government organizations).

If you are a Certifying Official and do not have an eNOI account, you must register through EPA's CDX interface. Go to eNOI Certifying Officials (PDF) (2 pp, 289K) for more information on certifying officials.

To learn more about the eNOI system, including how to register and use the system, click here to view the revised eNOI Overview in PowerPoint format (PPT) (52 pp, 2MB) or Overview in PDF format (PDF) (52 pp, 1.24MB) .

eNOI Training:

Training Videos:

The training videos below provide step-by-step instructions to walk you through the eNOI system. Note: These videos summarize how industrial facilities can apply for coverage (submit an NOI) or submit other related forms under EPA's MSGP via the eNOI system.

eNOI Search

View Stormwater NOIs - EPA is posting industrial NOIs for states and territories covered by EPA's MSGP. You can use this page to search, sort, and view your NOI or other forms.

Contact Information

Contact By Phone
CDX Registration
Domestic Callers

(888) 890-1995
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (EST)

Puerto Rico and Guam

(970) 494-5500

eNOI System
Domestic Callers

(866) 352-7755
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)

International Callers

011 (970) 494-5500
1:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (GMT)

Contact By Fax
CDX Registration
(703) 227-4199
24 hours a day

Support Personnel Available to Respond
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (EST)

Contact Online
CDX Registration

E-mail: (Send e-mail with “Technical Support" in the Subject line.) (

eNOI System
E-mail: (

Online Form - Fill out this form to get more information about completing the NOI or to ask about the status of your NOI submission.

Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)
E-mail: (

EPA Regional Representative - Click here to see the contact information for your EPA regional representative.

Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) 


Click on the logo to enter EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) and start to file an electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI). Please make sure that the internet browser you are using is Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher; Netscape and Firefox are not compatible with eNOI.

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