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Innovative Materials and Practices

Stormwater manuals provide helpful methods and techniques for achieving an effective and protective stormwater management program. Manuals focus on a particular aspect of stormwater management, such as one of the six minimum control measures (public education, public involvement, construction, post-construction, illicit discharge detection and elimination, good housekeeping). While some manuals may be specific to a particular region, they may provide innovative tools in which all transportation authorities may benefit.

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Tennessee DOT Manual for Management of Storm Water Discharges from Construction Activities (PDF) (156 pp, 5.69MB) - Addresses erosion and sediment control, low impact development techniques, buffer zones and other water quality related activities for construction projects.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Ohio DOT Outfall Inventory Manual and Database (PDF) (1 p, 394K) - Database of 6,826 outfalls over 1,900 miles of roadway with specific attributes.

DOT workers installing road side erosion control

Maintenance of Best Management Practices

Caltrans BMP Field Manual Troubleshooting Guide (PDF) (147 pp, 1.58MB) - Includes guidance for installing, inspecting, and maintenance of construction.

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

Environmental Stewardship Practices, Procedures, and Policies for Highway Construction and Maintenance (PDF) (850 pp, 4.85MB) - Compilation of state transportation manuals, procedures, and practitioners can be used as guidance for good stewardship practices.

Post Construction

State Manuals

Arizona DOT Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual

Washington State DOT Highway Runoff Manual - Guidance for designing stormwater systems for transportation projects.

Minnesota Stormwater Manual (PDF) (883 pp, 24.15MB) - Section on Highway and Road Runoff Management provides good post construction information.


Coastal Watershed Protection - Post-Construction Guidance, Manuals, and Tools.

Fact Sheets

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICP) Fact Sheets (PDF) (4 pp, 5.18MB) - Understand the benefits and application opportunities with PICP.

Constructing pervious pavement

Ultra Urban BMPs - View BMP fact sheets and BMP monitoring studies of stormwater management in an ultra urban environment.


Chicago Green Alley Handbook (PDF) (24 pp, 3.72MB) - Shows BMP techniques in green alley designs and flood control.

Public Education and Public Participation


Michigan DOT Stormwater Education Program - Provides examples of stormwater outreach materials.

TV Advertisement and Radio

Don’t mess with Texas - Campaign emphasizing the importance of preventing road litter.

Don’t Trash California - Caltrans provides examples of advertising for public outreach.

Other Examples

North Carolina DOT Highway Stormwater Program, External Education Program (PDF) (2 pp, 729K) - Shows how rest areas can be used as an educational opportunity to post pet stations and education displays.

Monitoring Strategies

Washington State DOT Stormwater Monitoring Program (PDF) (2 pp, 419K) - Describes the stormwater monitoring program that is included in WSDOT’s draft permit.

Caltrans Comprehensive Protocols Guidance Manual (PDF) (667 pp, 5.01MB) - Includes monitoring protocols for stormwater quality.

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