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Web-based Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Training

EPA has developed three Web-based training modules on topics related to TMDLs and NPDES permitting. The presentations are intended for TMDL developers and NPDES permitting staff to gain a better understanding of TMDL implementation through NPDES permits.

Each module is offered as a recorded presentation that enables participants to review the material on demand in a self-paced environment. In addition, the modules are also available as unrecorded PowerPoint presentations with slides and scripts. The unrecorded modules can be used as-is or adapted with region or state-specific examples and information. The module-specific users’ guides provide more detail on the module content, as well as example discussion questions and additional resources.

Navigating the self-paced recorded training modules:

Read the description of the training modules below. Once you know which module you’d like to view, click on the link. When the module launches, use the TABS on the left-hand side of the screen to choose an outline, thumbnails, or notes view. You can pause or go back to a previous slide much like using a DVD player. Hitting the "UP ARROW" or "DOWN ARROW" will go back to the beginning of the previous slide or move to the beginning of the next slide.

Selecting a training module:

A brief overview of the Web-based TMDL and NPDES permitting modules is provided below.

Module 1:  Understanding TMDLs:  A Primer for NPDES Permit Writers

This presentation provides an introduction to TMDL program for NPDES permit writers and other agency staff interested in understanding TMDLs. The presentation covers the regulatory foundation and requirements and steps for developing a TMDL with a particular focus on developing wasteload allocations (WLAs) for point sources. There is a 10-question quiz at the end of the recorded presentation.

Module 1 Users' Guide (PDF) (4 pp, 172KB)
Self-paced recorded Module 1
Unrecorded Module 1 (PPT) (64 pp, 8MB)

Module 2:  Understanding WLA Implementation in Permits:  A Primer for TMDL Developers  

This presentation provides a basic understanding of the NPDES permitting program for TMDL developers and other agency staff interested in understanding the basics of permitting. The presentation covers how NPDES permit writers calculate water quality-based effluent limitations from WLAs and how other permit components are affected by TMDLs. There is a 10-question quiz at the end of the recorded presentation.

Module 2 Users’ Guide (PDF) (3 pp, 172KB)
Self-paced recorded Module 2
Unrecorded Module 2 (PPT) (65 pp, 989KB)

Module 3:  Understanding TMDLs with Stormwater Sources and the NPDES Stormwater Permitting Process

This presentation is intended for both TMDL developers and NPDES permit writers. This module covers a basic overview of the TMDL and NPDES stormwater permitting programs and discusses the challenges and options for developing stormwater source wasteload allocations in TMDLs and then implementing those wasteload allocations through NPDES stormwater permits. There is a 10-question quiz at the end of the recorded presentation.

Module 3 Users' Guide (PDF) (5 pp, 181KB)
Self-paced recorded Module 3
Unrecorded Module 3 (PPT) (68 pp, 16MB)

If you have questions about the content of these Web-based training modules, please contact Jamie Fowler (, U.S. EPA Headquarters or Jayne Carlin (, U.S. EPA Region 10.

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