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NPDES Permit Writers' Manual

The NPDES Permit Writers' Manual (EPA-833-K-10-001) provides a comprehensive overview of the framework of the NPDES program and serves as one of the principal training tools to help permit writers develop legally defensible and enforceable NPDES permits. Its primary purpose as a technical resource is to guide new state and EPA permit writers through the basic steps of permit development and issuance; however, the manual also is intended to serve as a resource for others (e.g., stakeholders, the regulated community) interested in the NPDES permitting process.

Over the past four years, the NPDES Permit Writers' Manual has been thoroughly updated and revised, addressing changes to the NPDES program since the 1996 release, correcting several errors that have been identified, addressing new program areas and reorganizing the material to better complement the NPDES Permit Writers' Course.

Specific updates and revisions to the 1996 U.S. EPA NPDES Permit Writers' Manual include:

  • Expansion of introductory materials to better describe the history and scope of the NPDES permit program;
  • Discussion of regulation changes affecting permit applications and the EPA permit appeal process;
  • Discussion of new or revised program areas such as, stormwater Phase II, CAFOs, vessel discharges, 316(b), pesticide application;
  • Enhanced discussion of water quality-based effluent limit development, drawn from the Technical Support Document for Water Quality-based Toxics Control (1991);
  • Enhanced discussion of technology-based effluent limit development, based on materials provided from EPA's Office of Science and Technology (OST) and from the NPDES Permit Writers' Course;
  • Correction of typographical and content errors identified in the 1996 manual;
  • New and improved appendices, including the glossary, acronym list, and regulation index; and
  • An electronic version of the manual that includes active hyperlinks to source documents.
NPDES Permit Writers' Manual (September 2010)

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